International Sales & Agency

Your local sales force in the Pacific area


After years of developping trading and brokerage activities in the field of energy and renewables industry in Europe and following the 2020 crisis, Abacus Trade Services (ATS) was created in 2021 in French Polynesia to serve the Local and International Markets with a strong focus on the Pacific Area.

The company specializes in exporting added value commodities from Polynesia as well as importing goods and services for the Local consumers. On top of that, ATS plays the role of Sales Agent for different brands and products in order to represent them on the local market, develop sales streams and generate new revenues.



French Polynesia is a rich region when it comes to certain agricultural commodities like vanilla and others. With a direct connection to the fields and farmers, ATS is able to source premium quality products and offer it to the export market, delivered to your door.


Through long term experience in the field of trading commodities worldwide as well as develloping new markets, ATS is able to source products and services internationaly and manage the whole supply chain for delivering locally.


ATS represents brands and develop sales streams locally, providing market knowledge and being the interface with the clients. This is an economic and efficient solution for brands that wants to develop their sales in a far located place that require development.


French Polynesia is a place of opportunity in terms of infrastructure development and optimization. ATS manage contact with Local Authorities and companies in order to implement long term projects with the aim of supporting the country in several fields (transport, communication, energy ...).


Being focused on the Pacific area, our goal is to bring quality products and services to our clients.

Despite being considered as a relative commercial ''small'' size zone, this market is a wide area to explore with French Polynesia alone representing as much territory as the whole European Union.